Happy Clients

Here's what they're saying

Ken, private client
Jennifer, Thanks for a great morning. I can't imagine a better experience. You are a true professional, and a joy to be around.

Christopher Togawa
Owner, Christopher Togawa Insurance Agency

Jennifer has been a pleasure to work with! We can always count on her guidance and support of the ideas we have in making our business more visible. The energy she brings has been appreciated by all of us at CTIA.

Saba Ahmad, bride
Dear Jennifer, Thank you so much for everything you did. Your patience and compassion are amazing...Thank you for the last minute support you provided - both emotional and practical. I hope we can keep in touch.

Lou Lotoro, family birthday
Dear Jennifer: Thank you so very much for your part in making last Monday evening incredibly special.

Jonathan Silliman
EAMP, Owner, Empyrean Acupuncture, LLC

Jennifer is the first photographer to not only produce consistently excellent work, but to make the production process entirely enjoyable. At no point during our photo shoots have I felt at all like a department-store mannequin, poked and prodded and put into ridiculous poses while being constantly exhorted to "SMILE!" Jennifer has an excellent understanding of lighting and other environmental factors, and chooses her angles with the eye of an artist. She's extremely personable and easy to work with, and always totally engaged with her clients' needs. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Lyall Bush
Executive Director at Northwest Film Forum

Jennifer is creative, smart, good-humored, curious, fun on a shoot, her pictures are very fine, and her price is amazingly reasonable. I highly recommend her.

Shauhn, Groom
Jennifer, Loved the pictures! Thanks for the hard work and making everything easy on our end.

Nicole Francois
Principal, Market Well

Jennifer Richard delivers the goods! As a marketing professional who has directed and managed more than 100 photo shoots, I can attest to the fact that Jennifer brings an amazing eye, a great attitude and punctual follow up to each project we undertake together. My clients fall in love with her and ask for her again. If you're thinking about hiring her, stop thinking and just commit. You'll be happy you did.

Kristin Ann Carideo
Sr. Marketing Automation Manager at Yesler, a B2B Marketing Agency

I hired Jennifer to photograph my wedding in 2012. It was a very small affair, just our families, and I knew that the photographer I hired had to be great with people and "fit in" since they would be one of only 13 attendees to our wedding. My family still talks about what a great photographer Jennifer was, what a nice person, and how well she was able to capture the spirit of the day. And of course the photos came out great! I would recommend Jennifer for any job, not only utilizing her photography skills (which are great) but any role where she was regularly interacting with people. She is great at engaging her subjects, working with people, and is very professional and great to be around.

Melissa, Bride
Jennifer, thank you so much for all your effort and for creating such beautiful art to commemorate our day! I absolutely LOVE the photos. You were the ideal photographer on every count.

Kerry O'Keefe
Director of Development at KCTS 9

Jennifer has been such a pleasure to work with. I've been hiring her for an number of years. She is always on time, professional, and is a wonderful people person. She has excellent project management skills, the ability to think quick on her feet, and to be a problem solver if necessary. Jennifer was always able to connect with folks and is extremely personable! I'd highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Lesley Hobbs
Content Writer, Entrepreneur

We decided we needed a family portrait before our two oldest children moved out and we hired Jennifer. We met at a local park where Jennifer encouraged us to walk and talk in a very natural setting. We were joking and laughing with each other the whole time. The dogs had a great day too. The shots Jennifer captured show our family perfectly. We are so pleased with all the photos; we have several framed around the house. We will definitely hire Jennifer next time we need photos.

Jennifer Griffin
Director of Marketing at Datstat

Jennifer was the photographer who shot my wedding. She arrived on time and got right to shooting. During the whole day, she made my husband and I feel very comfortable...infact, we had moments when it was easy to forget she was there! When our final photos arrived, we were VERY pleased with our final results! Friends and family shower us with compliments about how beautiful our photos turned out!!